Monday, 21 February 2011

Writing Winchester.

So you want to be a writer? Join the club! There are thousand unpublished books out there that have the potential to be published. (And many more that really don’t but get sent to agent’s anyway- which makes being recognised a whole lot harder.) But that’s honestly my first piece of advice: Join a club. A class, group of similarly interested friends or even a writer’s workshop would do because there’s nothing worse than a writer who is unaware of their audience. Knowing someone is going to read your work, having someone read your work and then having someone comment on your work changes the way you write- I would argue for the better.
So can this blog help you get published? Hell no! If I knew that I would be out there doing it myself! But as a Creative Writing student coming to the end of her degree I figured I would set up a blog about the techniques I’ve learnt and what I’m up to now.
You have to understand- I don’t just write to get published. A bit of money would be nice but writing has been my passion since I was young. If lectures sat sipping beer and meditating on a stone (that I both named and gave a personality to) has taught me anything it’s that writing is about more than money; (for some people anyway) it’s expressing yourself, provoking emotion and thought in others and hopefully done in the right way it’s entertaining to those reading it.
I hope this inspires some of you to start writing yourselves! Or if you’re already a writer (so by definitions misunderstood and ultimately alone) you won’t feel so alone*! (But honestly you still will /be/ alone and shrouded in mystery and intrigue and all. That. Jazz. If that’s what’s going for you)

So bon App├ętit!

*Reading this blog has possible side effects including- but not limited to: hair loss, skin rash, loss of appetite, amnesia, fever, the odd sensation someone is standing behind you while you write, loneliness, dizziness, numbness in the left ear, sore throat and enjoying enya. Actual results may vary, See additional terms and conditions over leaf.

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